24 september 2011

H&M No Mambo jambo

For being Sweden H&Ms polishes are cheap. They costs 39 Swedish kronor compared to an OPI polish that costs 150 Swedish kronor (about 21 US dollars). And for those 39 kronor you get a pretty good polish.

I bought No Mambo jambo the other day, going through H&M quickly on my lunchbreak (you know, H&M once started their first store in the city I live in). I fell for the emerald green color, it was beautiful, even there being stressed and all.

And I am not disapointed after wearing it on my nails. It looks just as beautiful on the nail. My nails shine with this on.

The formula was quite good and I used three layers to get full opacity. But, as one of my lovely readers warned me, it did stain my nails when I took it off, although I used basecoat.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the staining. I removed the stains by soaking my nails in 2 lemon halves for a few minutes, then scrubbed them well with soap and my nail brush. If nothing else works you can buff off the stains very gently. Good luck :)