8 september 2011

OPI Rainbow connection

Okey, now we are talking serious glitter. The multicolored Rainbow connection from OPIs The Muppets collection really makes my nails sparkle. And I love it.

Rainbow connection is a glitter polish with a clear base. Then there are at least three sizes of glitters, round and hexagons. There are silver, orange, yellow, pink, green and blue. The main impression though is silver. This looks so cool! It is fun. It is wonderful. It is party. I could wear this any day, hey it is a normal workday today and my nails sparkle! I am not wearing any rings today though because my nails look like small jewels. It would be too much with rings on as well.

The fomula was a bit tricky. I have to work with the glitter to get in the right place. I needed three and a half layers for full opacity. First three layers, and then I did some touch up on some places.

This is absolutely one of my favourites from the collection, if I can say so after trying on three of them. More is coming up though!

9 kommentarer:

  1. Wow!! I will have to try to get a back up of this one!

  2. i absolutely love love this!!

  3. very pretty! Looking forward to seeing this in stores....:)

  4. WOW this certainly gonna be a must have!!! Looks great on your nails Catharina!! Very, very, pretty! <3


  5. Riktigt fin, tror man kan göra snygga frankens med detta i.

  6. hej, do you know if the rainbow s-kylie from the kardashian collection is the same?


    love yours...looks so good. <3

  7. I am so, so in love with this, I HAVE to get it now!


  8. I love them but I prefer Masglo!! :) Wait you on my blog!! ^^ http://itsmellslikeateenspirit.blogspot.com.es/