28 september 2011

Isadora Moroccan blue

Fall has really arrived to Sweden, the air is chilly and some days it rains a lot,  and I have a perfect the perfect fall polish to show you. It is Moroccan blue from Swedish make up brand Isadoras trend fall collection.

This is dusty blue creme polish. The color is rich and saturated, really nice.  Maybe it is not so unique, but that doesn't matter. I like it.

The formula was really good, easy to paint with, I guess I am getting used to Isadoras very wide brushes as well (although I still think they are too wide). It is well pigmented so it was almost so one coat was enough, but no, it did need two.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Nice color :)

    In generell I love their wide brushes but I currently my nails are short and I dont like wide brushes for short nails :D

  2. I like the color!
    I'm a follower from the Philippines!
    Hope you'd have the time to visit my blog. (^__^)