20 september 2011

Maybe they will get stronger now...

I made an investment the other day and bought Nail envy from OPI (it is quite expensive in Sweden), to help my nails get strong again, they have been breaking so much. I used Nail envy some years ago and liked the result so I will try it again.

I am doing it my own way though. Since I am changing nailpolish almost every day, I will use this as a basecoat. I can't have it on for a week and not change polish. I did the same way last time.

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  1. Hi Catharina!

    Thank you for following my blog! :)

    Re. OPI Nail Envy, I love this product too, I always use 2 coats as my base, and I think it works super well. Just another point- I tried Nail Envy Maintenance one time and I HATED it! Made my nails break! :(
    Just saying that as a warning to you, I don't know if you've already tried it, it might be alright for you, but... yeah, just as a warning!

    I'm loving your Muppets swatches by the way!

    x London-Lacquer (Hannah)

  2. Hi,

    I like Nail Envy for the hardening effect but really dislike it for the yellowing... It contains formaldehyde and all polishes that do tend to turn nails yellow...

  3. I tried Nail Envy for some time but like so many other hardening/strengthening products it had no effect on my nails. Sally Hansen Miracle Cure had some hardening effect, but Trind Nail Repair proved to be exactly what my nails needed.