29 januari 2011

Dior Gris Montaigne

I have a thing for grey. I like it on clothes and I like it as a color in my home. I think it is a fantastic color, that you can match with anything. I love how grey looks together with a bright purple, or red, or black or with silver. I can make the list long.

So when I was shown this grey creme polish, Gris Montaigne, from Diors spring collection, I couldn't resist it. And I must say, the color is beautiful. On the nail it becomes a bit darker than in the bottle. But it doesn´t matter. This is elegant.

The formula is a bit thick though, I would have liked it a bit thinner. And I am not sure I like Dior's brush. It is wide and shaped like an arrow. It is a bit hard to paint it, especially since the cap is small and not easy too hold. Maybe it is a question about technique.

And then, the big no, no. An hour after painting my nails, after taking the photo, I discovered bubbles. Lots of bubbles. Why? I painted my nails like I always do and all my products that I use are almost new. This shouldn't happen with a new polish.

But, I still love the color.

8 kommentarer:

  1. What a beautiful colour! I really like the shape of your nails as well. Thanks for a great blog. :)

  2. Gorgeous! Reminds me of Zoya Kelly :))

  3. Absolutely Gorgeous!
    I didn't expect grey to turn out such a beautiful shade! Can't wait to see the new polishes on your nails! :)


  4. Jättesnyggt! Vissa lack som är lite tjockare i konsistensen bubblar sig ofta :/. Man får prova sig fram och låta det torka längre mellan lagren!

  5. Måste bara säga att du har så vackra naglar!

  6. Gorgeous colour but bubbles?! Weird. I sometimes use thinner in thicker polish to get a better formula.

  7. Tina: Thank you! So sweet of you.

    alluring_mum: I thought that this color might not be a unique, that there must be a similar one somewhere.

    Sandra: Grey is beautiful! The new polishes is coming soon on my nails.

    Nailsbybellan: Jag lät det torka mellan lagren, brukar göra så för då tycker jag att totalen torkar snabbare också. Tycker också jag kan vänta mig mer av ett lack för 240 kronor.

    Petronella: Tack! Vad snäll du är.

    Nailspotting: But should I have to use thinner in a new polish? By Dior?

  8. I've read a lot of mixed comments about this nail polish - a lot of positive comments about the colour, but the application I've read, is tricky and the bubbles have been mentioned a few times.

    PS - Love your blog :)