22 januari 2011

OPI Bring on the bling

Hey, it is Saturday! I got to sleep late, I don't have to work and today we are having a dinner party! Could it be better?  And yes, we have a lot of dinner parties in this house, I am not the one cooking though. My man does that best. And he thinks it is fun so I won't stop him.

So party means some bling, and I pulled out the polish Bring on the bling from OPIs Burlesque collection from my stash. When I see this polish I come to think of the movie Saturday night fever. It is gold glitter, with some green and pink glitter as well. Very cool, very sparkly, very much party. And I am not usually a gold person, but I like this.

To get some kind of opacity I need four layers. But I don't mind that when it comes to glitter. The formula is very good and I have no problem working with it.

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