30 januari 2011

"Watch the nails!"

The other day when I was at the gym training boxing the trainer came up to me and my partner for the day and said: "Ooh! Watch the nails!"
I thought it was funny. She was afraid my nails would break of the boxing.
People know I love my nails.

So, it is no surprise that I the other day bought some more nail polish. I know, I am bad, but they look beautiful so I couldn't resist. But at least two of them I have wanted for a while.

The polishes are:

H&M Blue my mind. My son choosed this for me.

Chanel Black pearl. I have been longing for this since I saw the first swatches.

Make up store Greta. A silver holographic polish from a swedish make up brand.

Make up store Aqua fix. Well, I need a base for the holographic polish.

Soon to be seen on my nails...

4 kommentarer:

  1. Blue My Mind är ett fantastiskt lack! En av mina blå favoriter, helt klart. :-)

  2. Oh, finns Black Pearl ute nu? :) Är den så snygg som man tänker sig?

  3. Nailtastic: Det är verkligen snyggt!

    PerdyClaws: Japp, det kom i veckan till svenska butiker. Och det är jättesnyggt. Testmålade på en nagel i dag.

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