10 januari 2011

OPI Fair dinkum pinkum + Teenage dream

I really don't like pink pastel polishes. Often they just make my skin tone look even more pale, they are a bit boring and worst of all, they are often very difficult to paint with.

But still, I gave the light pink Fair dinkum pinkum a shot. But no, it didn't work. It looks a nice in the bottle, the pink tone looks a bit beige and it has a nice subtle micro glitter. But it is so hard to paint with, I just don't get an even result and after five layers I give up. You can see the result on the photo, it doesn't look good at all.

But then I took out Teenage dream from the Katy Perry collection and decided to do some layering and turn in it to a gradient. So I put on three of Teenage dream and then I think Fair dinkum pinkum got a lot more fun.

Or what do you think? Do you also have problems painting with light pastels?

3 kommentarer:

  1. I did a gradient with Teenage Dream for my mom too but I forgot to take pictures :/ Yours is really pretty (:

  2. Jag är inte heller förtjust i rosa pastellack, men det här ser ändå rätt fint ut på dig. Om det är ojämnt så syns det i alla fall inte på bilderna. Men visst blev det roligare med Teenage Dream!