13 januari 2011

Dior Crème abricot

I keep bying a lot of different oils and creams for my cuticles, but there is one I always come back to sooner or later. And that is Crème abricot from Dior. It is a cuticle cream I have been using for 15 years (and more) and I love it.

It is a rich, fat cream that really softens my cuticles, they tend to become dry because all of the polish remover I use and the cold weather here in Sweden. But this makes my cuticles look healthy.

It has a kind of make up-for-old-ladies-smell, but I don't mind that because it does it job. When I use it is also very easy to pull back my cuticles at the same time.

But being so creamy this is no cream to use just before you are painting you nails. I use this at night, just before bed.
It is quite expensive, but you don't need to use much. Take a lot less than you think and that will be fine.

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