31 januari 2011

H&M Blue my mind

I have a son who is five years old and he is totally used to me painting my nails. He knows I love it. The other day he told me "Whole you is nail polish". So sweet.
Being at H&M the other day he got to choose a nail polish and he choosed Blue my mind. A real bright blue with a hint of purple. I had never tried H&M's polishes before and wanted to give it a go.

And let me just say, I love this polish. The color is fantastic, it is so bright and have a kind of plastic look that I love. My son did a good choice!

The formula is good, applies well and two covers is enough to get opacity. The only thing I don't like is the shape of the cap. It is kind of difficult to hold, especially when I am painting my right hand.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Jag älskar den där färgen :) Och jag ogillar också locket. Den gamla formen var bättre...

  2. Visst är de nya korkarna jobbiga! Min flaska har den gamla korken - mycket bättre!

  3. Vad skönt att det inte bara är jag som tyckte så. :)