23 januari 2011

Snowcrystal 441

Snowcrystal is a Swedish nailpolish brand and this is actually the first time I try it. This polish, number 441, is from their fall/winter collection. It is a dark bluegreen metallic polish with a hint of blue microglitter.
I find the color to be nice but not wow, to me it is not unique.

The formula is a bit thick but yet easy to control on the nail. It covers well with two layers.

4 kommentarer:

  1. oh, it looks pretty, unique color, I like it very much

  2. I bought it at Åhléns city in Stockholm but you can also buy it at www.snowcrystalsweden.com eller www.stylestore.se

  3. Jag avskydde det här lacket när jag testade det. Finns ett opublicerat inlägg om det men jag vet inte ens om världen borde få veta allt jag kverulerade om det. Jag kunde verkligen inte måla med det. Men det ser fint ut på dig. :D