6 januari 2011

OPI It's totally forth worth it

I am on a roll here with the Texas collection from OPI. Today I got totally forth worth it on my nails.
It is a grey shimmer polish with a pink micorglitter. At least in the bottle.

On the nail the glitter is not so visible, you can only see it in some lights. The grey also becomes a bit purple so I guess it is irridiscent as well. It is a nice color, but a bit boring. I have seen similar that are much more fun, like Not like the movies from the Katy Perry collection from OPI.

But then the formula. I don't like the formula here. It is sheer so I need three layers to get a good cover. But that is okey, I don't mind three layers. But, it is a bit hard to control on the nail and I got bubbles on several nails. And that shouldn't happen with a brand new polish I think. I don't like bubbles, it makes me want to change polish at once and paint with a new color. Even if it is just me who sees the bubbles.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hej, såg på Nailtastic att du gillade RBL Scrangie. Det finns två st kvar på Nailmails shop om du är intresserad =)