29 april 2011

Isadora Power pink

I bought this polish the other day, in my search for the perfect pink. the color is named Power pink and it is from Isadoras summer collection. It is a bright, blueish creme pink, kind of the color I am looking for. The pink I am looking for must be strong and easy to be seen.

And yes. With this polish my nails are more than visible. The pink color makes my nails shine.

The formula is quite good, but I do need three layers to get a good opacity. And after a while I can see some microbubbles. And bubbles I don't like.

But the color is really good. But is it the perfect pink? I don't know yet. I have to try more pinks.

4 kommentarer:

  1. jag bara älskar Kiko's nummer 251 pink peonia och jag gillar inte ens rosa :)
    Jag ska försöka ta ett kort och skicka via FB

  2. Jag har hittat mitt favoritrosa, för tillfället iaf.
    Orlys Fancy Fuchsia. Helt underbart!
    Det blir läckert med matt topplack också.
    Påminner om Zoyas matta Lolly.

  3. Petra: Tack!

    Pernilla. Du är den andra som tipsar om Fancy fuchsia. Nu måste jag testa den.

  4. I luv your blog! I always wanna go out shopping after reading it.