18 april 2011

OPI Steady as she rose

Time to try on the second polish from OPI's Pirates of the Caribbean collection, the polish Steady as she rose. This is a light, light, light purple creme with a bit of dust in it, like the rest of the collection. And this dust do makes this polish a little bit less sweet, even if it is still sweet. Very actually.

The fomula needs three layers to get opaque. The first layer gets a bit streaky. But the end result is nice. Painting with this I get reminded though of how much I like OPIs brush. Perfect length and width.

5 kommentarer:

  1. pretty color, I love opi's brushes as well

  2. Can't wait till this comes out on may 1st..how did you geta hold of themm. Love the color such a cute pink..!!

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  3. looooove the colour! and your pictures are amazing, i love your blog!

  4. I'm looking forward to see your Swatches of Mermaid's Tears. That's my favourite :-)

  5. Jessy: This polish was sent to me from OPI for review.

    Weibchn: Thank you!

    Katja: Mermaid's tears is coming up soon!

    Manicured monekey: The brush is so important, isn't it?