11 april 2011

Mavala Art collection

Yesterday evening, coming home from the movies with my man, I felt the smell of summer. It had been raining, and I love that smell that comes with rain against asfalt. It is so fresh.

And in the summer I love wearing bright, poppy colors. Actually, I like that all the time, but especially in the summer. So, I was happy when I received the coming summer collection from Mavala the other week.

It is called The Art collection and contains of six creme colors. I received these four:

Waikiki Orange. An orange with corall wibes.
Blue Curaçao. A bright turqoise.
Cyclades blue. A bright blue.
Touch of Provence. Lavender purple.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I really like Mavala. I look forward your Waikiki Orange review !