19 april 2011

China glaze Pelican grey

Okey. I change quickly. One day I prefer wearing a bright pink polish that makes the world react, the day after I want something more simple. Just last week I changed polish six times. Six times. One might think that I don't have a life but I do. I have a kid, I work full time, exercise six times a week, have a dog, take care of a house and so on. Everything goes. At least with a fast dry top coat. :)

Well, well. So for today I have something more sophisticated on. Pelican grey from China glaze Anchors away is a light grey polish with a subtle shimmer. I really like grey polish. It is easy to wear and this polish is a very nice polish. The shimmer gives it an extra dimension.

The formula was good, not too thick and not too thin, but I did have to do some cleaning up and I am not really used to haveing to do that. I needed three coats to get the finish I like.

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