2 maj 2011

OPI Glam slam

When I first saw the first photos of OPIs collaboration with tennis star Serena Williams, I didn't like it. Colors like Simply smashing are usually not my cup of tea. But, hey, I can change.

Now I am wearing Simply smashing and I like it. The mix of green and yellow, which reminds me of a tennis ball, is quite nice. I am also a fan of the metallic foil finish.
The formula though is a bit sheer. To get the result I like I need to use four layers. The polish though is easy to control on the nail. 

Simply smashing comes in a duo pack with Black shatter, OPIs crackle polish. And I must say that in combination Black shatter I think Simply smashing looks its best. Black shatter makes the green-yellow stand out.
To paint with Black shatter though is a bit tricky and requires some training. Be quick, I can say.

Always when I wear some kind of crackle polish I get lots of positive comments from people I meet. And the same today. People thought my nails looked smashing today.

4 kommentarer:

  1. You take such good photos! I love your blog.

  2. Jag får också komplimanger när jag använder cracklelack. Så enkelt, men så snyggt.