26 april 2011

I love dark, short nails

This blog post is for my friend Annette. She struggles with her nails, buys nail polishes but seldom wears them. One reason is that her nails are short and many of the polishes she has are dark.
But I want to show her that short nails can be dark. And look very good.
I even believe that that dark polishes looks its best on short nails.

The polish I used here is the dark blue, Russian Navy from OPIs Russian collection. A very nice polish. The color is rich and it is easy to paint with.

So Annette. Look at this. And then go home and paint you nails. I know your nails will look great.

3 kommentarer:

  1. :D Tack Catharina! Just nu är mina naglar i kris och jag har precis ställt upp alla fina lack på hyllan på toa. Men okej, jag ska ta och måla mörka snart och komma och visa dem för dig :)

  2. I love dark short nails too! Those on the second picture look wonderful!

  3. my favorite combo - short nails and dark polish! really a way to go for those that cannot wear longer nails. but nowadays, it seems that everything goes. Brights are also very cool looking on short nails. Oh, and I love Russian Navy, gorgeous color!