15 april 2011

Mavala Waikiki orange 169

I am really in to bright polishes at the moment. I want my nails to stand out, pop, be noticed. And make me happy when I look at them. Nail polish does that to me. I get happy when I see my polished nails. At least if I am satisfied with the result.

So, Mavalas Waikiki orange from their coming Art collection is a polish for me. It is a bright orange polish on the boarder to being coral. And I like that. It gives me a summer feeling. I wore this to a military green tee and jeans and the combination was smashing.

The polish is a creme polish with a smoth and good formula. I used three coats, but two might be enough. It depends on how picky you are.

5 kommentarer:

  1. IS it a jelly? Looks like it! Yummy :)

  2. Det ser riktigt fint ut! Jag skulle kunna tänka mig att köpa det turkosa lacket i den här kollektionen, det ser fantastiskt ut!

  3. Yay ! It looks to me like a perfect orange (not too yellow), I will buy it for sure. Thanks for the review, it's helpful :)

  4. det är verkligen en läcker färg!

  5. Lacky nails: No, it is a creme actually.

    Nailtastic:Det turkosa är också snyggt, i alla fall i flaskan. Ska testa det snart.

    Amélie: I am glad I could help.

    Sminkan: Det är verkligen snyggt.