12 april 2011

Collistar Blue jeans

Collistar is an italian brand that I have never tried before. But it was a pleasant surprise.

Blue jeans is a marine blue creme polish with a very smooth formula. Two layers is enough to get full cover and the result is very good.
The brush holds a lot of paint though so you have to remove a lot before you start painting.

The color is really nice, it is rich and glossy. I do like it, but I have seen it before. But, hey, isn't there dupes everywhere now?

3 kommentarer:

  1. nice rich blue, thanks for posting about the brush, after you get so many dupes, it's nice to know what may be different :D

  2. it's a great color and Collistar polishes have tempted me for a while, except I didn't try them because they are easily around 15euros here and that is even more expensive than OPI. This reminds me of new China Glaze First Mate .

  3. Manicured monkey: Different is nice. I have so many polishes now so I really want something different.

    Hermetic: Wow, I didn't know that they were that expensive, but on the other hand 15 euros is what OPI costs here in Sweden.