27 april 2011

I am on the search for the perfect pink

Pink. I can't get it of my mind. When ever I see a stack of polishes in a shop nowdays I start looking at the pinks. The reason is that I want that perfect pink on my nails. A strong, vibrant color, perfect for the summer.

So I am looking. And will show you what I find.

Maybe you have any suggestions?

6 kommentarer:

  1. My favorite pink is Fancy Fushia by Orly. It is so pigmented, and it has a matte (sort of) finish. The other that I really like is Tickle Me by Ulta. It is a little more sheer than the Orly, and I would definitely chose the Orly as my top pick for pink.
    Love your blog, and I hope I was some help.
    Have you blogged about the way you store your polish? I am trying to find a way for mine. I need some shelves.

  2. Can't wait to see your finds :)

    I love pink and I have quite a few of them, from soft pinks to neons. My favorites are Italian Love Affair by OPI and #151 by Inglot <3

  3. My favourite pink is OPI Shorts Story. It's a bright 80ies trash colour - gorgeous!
    Another cool pink is OPI La Paz-Itively Hot with shimmer.

  4. I love the OPI's pink of hearts 2010~~ soooo nice~

  5. One of my favorite colors of ALL time is `LA PAZ-intively Hot' by OPI... especially for the toes in the summer!

  6. I really love OPI That's Hot!Pink... Let me know what you think of this one