13 december 2011

Isadora Marzipan

In Sweden there is a cake called Princesscake. It is a spongecake filled with jam and vanillasauce. And it is covered with green marzipan and a pink marzipan rose on the top. This cake might have been the inspiration for Isadora when they created their spring polish Marzipan. Or maybe the inspiration came from somewhere else. I have seen that Dior has a similar polish in their spring collection. Well, well.

Marzipan is a bright light green shimmer polish. It is a bit minty in the tone. It is playful and fun, but not really for me. This is too much fun for me. But it sure stands out on the nails.

The formula was a little bit streaky and I needed three coats for opacity.

4 kommentarer:

  1. I'll pass on this one. Men sen ska lackas guld.

  2. very pretty. and that princesscake sounds delicious!

  3. Det där måste jag köpa! Läckert!

  4. Very nice and it suits you well! It reminds me a bit of Stranger Tides