16 december 2011

For those extra fancy feets

At this time of the year it's not many who gets to see my feet. Despite that I do a pedicure once a week and make sure my toenails are nicely polished. Sometimes with a lot of glitter.

So when I saw this pedicure you can get at Nails inc in the UK I sighed. I love it.
But I don't love the price though, £ 120. That is a lot of money for a pedicure, even if it involves hundreds of Swarowski crystals.

Lucky I don't live in the UK.

8 kommentarer:

  1. love the look, but the price tag is too painful

  2. Inget för varma vinterstövlar i svenskt klimat kanske, men man kanske skulle pimpa sig inför sin operation:-)

  3. those look amazing but also agreeing with lucy, dont like the price tag,
    you should try do something like that yourself?

  4. Really nice :) I also like red rhinestones ;)

  5. maybe something for rich people?... but i agree its lots of money!