6 januari 2012

OPI Vampsterdam

I have  some busy weeks behind me. Christmas, New year and this week I have been working evenings. At the moment my life feel a little bit upside down. My nails have been painted but there has been no time to write about them. But today I have something nice to show you, Vampsterdam from OPI.

Vampsterdam is one of the polishes in OPIs coming spring collection Holland. This is a aubergine coloured polish with a metallic finish. This is the darkest one of the whole collection, it doesn't feel so much like spring. But it is nice anyway, even if it is not unique.

The formula was good, but I needed three layers because of some cuticle drag. And if you wonder why the edges looks a bit smudgy it is because my top coat, Good to go from Essie, made the Vampsterdam schrink.

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