9 januari 2012

OPI Thanks a windmillion

Finally the cold temperatures has hit Sweden. This morning it was minus 10 and it was biting my cheeks on my way to work. Me and my hubby are hoping for even more cold weather so we can get some ice on the lake to go iceskating.

On my nails though it is spring. I got Thanks a windmillion from OPIs spring collection to show you. This is a mild, soft green with a creme formula. It reminds me asome of Mermaid's tears from OPIs Pirates of the caribbean collection, but it is not exactly the same.

This color is a bit soft for me. A bit meh..., I need more humf right now. So I added some glitter in form of Disco ball sparkle from OPI. And that combination I really like, they work well together.

The formula was great, smooth and covered with two coats. Perfect.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Why you have always so dark cuticles?

  2. Well, they are not always dark, it just looks like that on some photos when I have had bad lighting and I had to work with the photo. But they don't look like that IRL, even though they are in a bad shape at the moment because of the cold weather.