22 januari 2012

Make up store Britta

I am so in love right know. Not just in my man, but in my nail polish Britta as well. It is so fantastic!

Britta is a pink holographic nail polish from Make up store, a Swedish make up store chain with their own brand. I bought it some months ago, but didn't use it until now. Why did I wait so long? It is a beautiful polish that is very holographic. It sparkles, shine and glitters.

I used a special base coat for holographic polish before I used Britta. I know some say it is not necessary, but I have it so why not use it? Then I appplied two coats of Britta for full opacity. It is easy to work with and easy to get even. But I recommend to buff the nails forst for a smooth surface. Holos need that.

Do you like it?

4 kommentarer:

  1. Lovely swatches, I've been after this one for ages. I will treat myself to it one day.

  2. Ja, detta är onekligen fantastiskt. Jag brukar normalt sett bara spara en bild på mina manikyrer, men jag kunde inte välja bland de underbara bilderna, så detta har jag 3 bilder av.

  3. Och det här var ett fint glitter utan att ta över alltför mycket. Passar dig.