30 januari 2012

Depend 300

Swedish make up brand Depend is a rather cheap brand. A bottle of 5 ml polish costs 25 kronor, which is about 3,50 US dollars. And yes, that is cheap for Sweden. But. The bottles are small, so the price per ml is high and the quality is uneven. You never know what you are getting really.

Anyway, todays polish is from Depends spring collection and it is a typical spring color, lilac purple creme. It is a lovely color but not unique.

The formula is a bit thick but still controlable. It is almost a one coater, but I put on two coats. The brush is also a bit uneven which makes the application harder.

1 kommentar:

  1. Men jag älskade färgen men med en så liten flaska fixar jag nog inte precisionen:-)