10 januari 2012

Got some more polish

During the holidays our friends who lives in the US came over. And they brought nail polish that I had ordered and sent to them. Yeah!
It was a very quick order that I did one morning, Zoya had announced a promo on Facebook, so I acted quickly and ordered six polishes and got them really cheap. You should have seen me, I was lying in bed, reading Facebook on my phone, saw the promo and was up in a second and ran down to the computer. My hubby looked at me as if I was nuts.
I did the order so quick so I didn't really thinnk about what colors I ordered. I just clicked on some that looked good. And I am not disapointed. Now when I got them in my hands I think they all look lovely. Don't know which one to start with now.

Mimi, Adina, Neka.

Gilda, Kissy, Luna.

5 kommentarer:

  1. I own Gilda and I want to assure you that she's amazing. She might require 3 coats if you don't like visible nail lines, but you will love the end result.

    The rest of the polishes you got look amazing! Zoya's Holiday promos are the business! Lol.. You really just have to act fast or you miss those flash promos.

  2. They all look really Nice, bit Adina is the One i'm most curios about.

  3. Great picks! I love Zoya polishes, they apply so nicely so often.

  4. What site Do you buy Zoya from?