16 januari 2012

OPI Gouda gouda two shoes

I can wear most colors on my nails to work, even glitter and bright neons. It works, although I most of the time don't know what my days will look like or what kind of people I will interview during the day.
But for all of you who can't go to work with sparkly nails or even a plain red, there is good to have a safe color.

For those occassions Gouda gouda two shoes from OPIs spring collection Holland could be a good choice. This is a rosy beige-brown polish with a gold shimmer, almost a brickred. The shimmer is not so visible, but gives the color a depth.

I think of caramel when I see this color. I think it is nice, but for me it is a little bit to safe. And I like something more bright on my nails. But I know lots of you will love this. And I can think outside my box. This is a great color to wear to work or to your grandma (oh, I migh sound a bit ironic there, but I thought of my grandma when I was this color at first, she would have loved this).

The formula was a bit thin, but still I got opacity with two coats.

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