2 juli 2011

Mavala Blue Caracao

Blue Caracao from Mavalas summer collection Art is a strong color. It is a rich turqoise cremepolish that makes a statement on you nails. I really like wearing bright colors in the summer so this is perfect.

The formula was great, smooth and easy to paint with, and I only needed two layers to get full opacity. I do not like Mavalas small caps though, I can never find a good way to hold them.

Even though I did like the color as it is I wanted to play around a bit and put on some Black shatter from OPI. Isn't the combination smashing? 

2 kommentarer:

  1. Oh, I like that! Very pretty!

  2. Love it! I knew a store where they carry Mavala around here, but they only receive the boring colors! I want the greens & blues that I see on other blogs :)