1 juli 2011

China glaze 108 degrees

The other day when my stepdaughter and I were painting our nails we choosed the some color for once. And while we were sitting there painting we kept saying wow. Because 108 degrees from the Island escapes collection is so beautiful.

Okey, this is not a unique color. There are lot bright pink glitter polishes out there. But still, it is great. It has a microglitter that gives it a metallic shine, I think it almost looks it best in the night. Then the metallic feeling becomes more obvious.
The pink color is bright and intensive, and you look at the bottle you can also see a hint of orange there.

It is easy to paint with but needs three layers to get opaque. It takes a long time to dry also, even though I used a fast dry top coat. And that is a minus. I normally find foil polishes to dry rather quick.

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