25 juli 2011

Isadora Beach khaki

Isadoras summer collection has both bright, strong colors and more light, a bit more sophisticated colors. Beach khaki is the later. It is a whiteish beige shimmer polish with some pink it. It looks a bit like a dirty pearl, if you can understand what I mean.

First layers with this polish is a bit streaky, but that evens out with two more layers. But you have to work with it. The formula is also a bit thick, and the brush is too wide I think. Like I always think with Isadoras brushes.

But the color is nice.

3 kommentarer:

  1. the color is really pretty but as you said, IsaDora burshes are a little too wide.

  2. That's a really nice colour, I like that.

  3. så snyggt, vet inte hur många gånger jag dragit i det lacket nu och ändå inte köpt..