7 juli 2011

Kiko 251

When my old classmate Petra saw that I was looking for the perfect pink she sent me her favourite pink polish, number 251 from the Italian brand Kiko. Definetely a brand I have never tried, you can't find it in Sweden what I have seen.

The polish is a bright pink polish with a shimmer in it. There is also hints of blue in it as it is in this kind of shade.
The formula is good and I needed three layers to get a good finish.

I like it. It is a classic summer color. It might be a runner up for the perfect pink. If I will ever find a perfect pink.

Thank you Petra!

2 kommentarer:

  1. I have looked around on your blog for a while now and i have got to say, you always get a perfect finish on your nails!
    How do you get the shine on the nails? Do you use a top polish or are the polishes you use shiny themselves?