17 juli 2011

China glaze White cap

I am sorry, but White cap from China glaze collection Anchors away is not my cup of tea. Maybe that is why I have been putting it off trying it on.

Well, anyway, White cap is a white shimmerpolish with gold shimmer. And it is this gold I don't like,it makes my nails look stained and discolored. The color is also a bit boring. No, this doesn't do it for me.

It is easy to paint with though, but it is sheer and after four layers I still have a lot of VNL.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Jag älskar detta lack!

    Tre lager och VNL gör mej ingenting.
    Känns nästan som att det ska vara på det viset.

    Det är ju roligt att man tycker olika,
    tänk vad tråkigt det vore annars ;)

  2. not a fan of whitecap by itself but it's lovely layered. x

  3. It looks okay, shame about the VNL though.

  4. I have it also and while it's really nothing special on it's own, you should try layering it over some darker colors - it can make some great combinations!

  5. I don't really like it on its own either. Layered over other polishes, sure, but not on its own.

  6. Nej, detta lack är inte speciellt snyggt ensamt, men prova ett lager över andra nagellack - det blir otroligt läckert! Jag har använt det över både ljusa och mörka lack, supersnyggt!