12 mars 2011

Zoya Danni

The polish Danni is from Zoyas spring collection Intimate. I have a soft spot for purple and this polish caught my eye.

It is a bright purple with silver micro glitter. On the nails it ends up like a foil. The result is very sweet and nice, but I do think that my nails are too short for this polish right now. I want longer nails for this.

The formula is really good. I get full opacity in two layers and it is easy to control on the nail. I like that.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Fint på dig! Själv är jag nog lite mer för Zoya Gemma...
    Ville egentligen bara säga att dina fjärilsnaglar var helt enkelt UNDERBARA!! Jag gillade också att fjärilarna gick lite utanför nagelkanterna! Du är en sann nail artist "ut i fingerspetsarna"! ;)

  2. I'm waiting on this collection to be delivered this week to me :) cannot wait to get this purple on my fingers!