14 mars 2011

Orly Royal velvet

This is just fantastic. I have the new polish Royal velvet from Orlys spring collection Precious on my nails and I just can't stop looking at them. This polish is just so fantastic.

But I must say that I was a bit surprised to see a color like this in a spring collection. It is not your ordinary bright and light color. Instead it is a dark purple duochrome with flashes of blue. It has a metallic, almost minx, feeling over it. Sometimes it looks purple and sometimes it looks dark blue. It so beautiful.

The formula though is a bit hard. It is thin and not very easy to control on the nail. Too bad. But the color is still worth the mess up cleaning.

5 kommentarer:

  1. great photo--it looks lovely on your nails. you're right it being tough to work with but worth it...it's definitely the stand-out of the Precious collection!
    i love how it's too dark but not dark enough to look black!

  2. Such a rich blue, I like it alot!

  3. Imagine this in the sun °_____°

  4. Det är verkligen fint!
    Jag har precis hämtat paket på posten, Illamasquas blåbärslack, som jag suktat efter sen jag såg det hos dig. Ska bli så kul att lacka med det! Det råkade slinka ner i varukorgen tillsammans med det röda läppstiftet i Trobkollektionen =)

  5. Stava kan jag tydligen inte, Throb ska det naturligtvis vara.