24 mars 2011

Snowcrystal Sparkling Aquamarine

I got quite fond of Denim blue from Snowcrystals springcollection so I wanted to try another one from the collection and bought the turqouise shimmer polish Sparkling Aquamarine. It was love at first sight when I saw the bottle in the shop.

But when I started painting with it I got disapointed at once. Not by the color, that is beautiful. Perfect for the summer, a day at the beach kind of color.

But the formula is terrible. It is thick, hard to work with and the result becomes bumby and very bubbly. I think it is visible in the photos. The surface is not smooth at all and if I hold my hand up against the light I can see lots of holes in the polish which are all the bubbles.
To get an even result I needed three layers.

No. This wasn't good at all. Hope the rest of the collection is better, I have one more to try.

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