9 mars 2011

Come on Dior!

Some weeks ago I wrote about Diors spring polish Gris de Montaigne. A very beautiful grey shade that I fell in love with. But the formula was thick and I got lots of bubbles. After trying to paint with it several times and getting bubbles every time I wrote to Dior. I am not the type who sits quite in a corner when something is wrong.
I don't really know what I expected by writing to them but I got this answer:

Dear Mrs. Linder
We received your recent e-mail and wish to thank you for your interest in Dior.
We are sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction with our New Dior Vernis. We would be happy to advise you about its application.
Before they are being launched, our products are fully tested, in order to guarantee their perfect quality. To avoid the result that your mentioned in your recent email, please make sure to shake the Dior Vernis before each used. For a perfect result, please apply the varnish in thin layers. It is also not necessary to wait until the first layer is completely dry before applying the second layer.
We invite you to visit our Fragrance & Beauty pages ondior.com. for tips and advise about our new collection.

Dior OnLine - Parfums Christian Dior

Come on. I know how to paint my nails, I have been doing it for twenty years. 
It is your polish that is bad, despite all your tests.
Face it.

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  1. Oh my, well that PR is quite a turn off! It's too bad such a pretty color has such bad application