7 mars 2011

Oh no, it is brooken!

Maybe you can´t really see it but my nail is broken. I don't like broken nails so I have decided that I will make this short and phile all my nails really short.

That is how I do it, if I break one nail, all nails goes. I think it looks the best when all the nails have the same length.

What do you do if you break a nail?

3 kommentarer:

  1. Oh no, I'm sorry.
    I know how it feels...:(

  2. Oh what a shame. I shorten my nails too if one is broken. I like to have them the same length.

  3. Did you lose a corner? It happens to me too sometimes, I hate it, because it changes the shape of the nails...
    So I file them in a way they appear more or less the same :D