15 november 2010

OPI William tell me about OPI

It is dark here in Sweden now. The sun gets up late in the mornings and goes down in the afternoons. To top it all it is rainy and very cloudy here today. So I thought I would match it all with some really dark nail polish.

I have several dark ones in my boxes; blue, purple, grey, all almost black. The choice fell on OPIs William tell me about OPI from the Swiss-collection, a polish I haven´t tried before.

In the bottle this créme polish looks like an aubergine purple, but it becomes darker on the nail. It is almost black, a bit too black because I really liked what I saw in the bottle and wish it would have turned out like that.

The formula was good and it was easy to paint with. With dark polishes I am always extra careful because it gets so messy if I get it on the cuticles.

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