21 november 2010

MNY 265

MNY is a new budget brand where a nail polish costs 29 kronor (about 3 euros). Really cheap I think because I am used to paying 150 kronor (15 euros) for an OPI bottle here in Sweden. So of course I had to try it.

The polish with the quite boring name 265 is a red jelly with silver holo glitter in it. On the nail it becomes a raspberry red and in some lights you can se the small glitter parts. I think it is a nice color. It is not up in your face red, instead it is more subtle.

The formula though is quite sheer. With three coats I have a visible nail line, but still I am stopping at three although I prefer an opaque polish. The formula is also a bit thin and I think the brush is a bit soft.

But hey, for 29 kronor it is a bargain.

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