14 november 2010

China glaze 2nite

It is funny how I forget sometimes. I was reading different blogs looking for a holographic polish. I have some from OPIs Design series, if they counts as holographic, but wanted something more. So, I found several posts about a nice light blue polish from China glaze that I thought was really nice but then I read in one blog that they thought that it was discontinued. Hmm.
But then I started thinking. Doesn't it look a lot like a polish that I do have? I went through my boxes, and yes there it was. I actually have the discontinued nail polish 2nite from China glaze that I had been reading about. And I have never tried it on. Until today. I just had to use it now.

So, 2nite is a light blue holographic polish. In normal daylight it looks quite plain actually and you don't see so much of the holographic effect. But when I look at my nails under a lamp it is a whole other thing. Then it looks really nice. I can imagine that the same effect would appear in sunshine, unfortunately it is cloudy here today.

The formula is a bit thick, still it needs three layers for full coverage. You have to be careful because the brush holds a lot of polish and it is easy to get to much on the nail.

I like this, but I think this is more of a nail polish for the summer. Then I will get the full effect out of it.

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