17 september 2012

Went shopping

Keep me in for a few days and then let me loose in the beautyshops. A dangerous combination. I was sick last week and after resting for three days I had 15 minutes in the city and I bought three polishes. I couldn´t resist.
Look at the purple Tatjana from Make up store for example. So beautiful with its shimmer. And Silk road from Isadoras collection Orient express. I fell in love. Cloudy blue from Max factor may look like just a blue it it is a duochrome with a purple shimmer that I got interested in. Will be fun to try.

Silk road from Isadora, Tatjana from Make up store and Cloudy blue from Max Factor.

1 kommentar:

  1. jag hade tatjana på mig häromveckan! den var jättefin men inte jättespeciell så jag gav bort den.:)