19 september 2012

Isadora Night flight

You know how it can be sometimes. You want to paint you nails, but you can't decide which color. The other day, I tried on at least five polishes before I was satisfied. I was painting a nail or two, but just felt, no that is not right for today. It just didn't feel right, I can tell you my six year old, who is quite used to his mums nail polish addiction, was shaking his head by then. But the five first ones I tried were light colors. Beige, pink, nude. But they just felt meh. But when I put on a dark, blue one everything just fell in to place. I am all for dark right now.

So, Isadoras Night flight is what made me happy that day. This is a dark, midnight blue with a silver shimmer. The silver shimmer is mostly visible in the bottle and on the nails it shows mostly as a metallic effect. I like this. Okey, I have seen this kind of color before, but still, it is lovely. It is bold and cool, far from sweet.

The formula was really good, the polish is well pigmented and I needed two coats for opacity.

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