21 september 2012

OPI Live and let die

The man I have at home, he was shaking his head yesterday. He was watching a movie and I was sitting by the desk in the livingroom painting my nails. As usual. When I was finished I showed him my nails and he said "Hm, I don't like black polish".
"But this is not just black! Can't you see? It is has a green tone and golden glitter!" I responded. Talking really fast.
Then he was shaking his head even more. And I was just smiling. I have accepted that he will never understand this polish addiction that I have.
It is lucky I have you, my lovely readers.

The polish he was shaking his head at was Live and let die from OPIs wintercollection Skyfall. OPI call this a private jet black, hm. I don't really know what that means. To me this is more a dark, dark green. It has a dark green glitter and golden glitter that makes it feel like something more than just a black. Of course, the golden glitter is more visible in the bottle than on the nail. On the nails it gives the polish a depth. I like this one!

The formula was really great. It is very well pigmented so it is almost opaque in one coat. But I did two coats.

9 kommentarer:

  1. Jättefint!! Många från den kollektionen som jag vill ha :-)

  2. For me its like an darker and more blue- toned version of Glittering Garland. Well the swatches seem like that...^^

  3. I was planning to buy this one and you conforted me in my decision :)
    I guess all boyfriends are the same! Mine keeps saying "you stuff smells bad"

    1. Good choice! And the smell, my man actually think it smells good. I can even sit in the car and remove nailpolish and he is okej with the smell.

  4. I just discovered your blog because I was googling Skyfall swatches and I'm glad I did!! This post really made me smile, everything sounds so familiar lol

  5. Ett av dom få som jag är sugen på från den här kollektionen.