21 september 2012

Isadora Silk road

I didn't mean to buy this. I went to buy some other colors from Isadoras autumn collection Jewels of the orient, but they were already sold out. But when I saw Silk road, I totally fell in love. Although it has gold glitter. I normally don't like gold. Not on jewellery, not on my clothes and not on my nails. It is not just me. But this, this is something else.

Silk road is a blue foil with gold and purple flecks. This is so beautiful on the nails. It is intense but stil subtle. And the glassflecks makes it sparkle very nice. Way to go Isadora!

The formula was great. It was easy to work with, which I think foils often are, and I just needed two coats for opacity.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I like this color :)

    I always like so many of their colors :<

    But/And I was curious how much an IsaDora polish is in Sweden? :)