5 maj 2011

I put on some glitter...

I longed for some glitter and wanted to do something more with my manicure with the polish Below deck from China glaze so I added some glitter and created a gradient with the help of Today was a fairytale from Deborah Lippmann.
It is absolutely one of my favourite glitters of all time, I like the coloured base which makes it great for gradients and the glitter is like small, small mirrors and reflects the light.
The combination of the two turned out really well I think.

But I didn't stop there, I wanted to do something more. So I topped it all with Black Shatter from OPI. And wow, now something is really happening on my nails. I love how the mauve color shines thrue on half of the nail and the glitter on the other half.

What do you think?

Different skintones on the photos? Yes. Different lights. The bottom photo is actually how pale I am.

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