4 maj 2011

H&M Check me out

This season is actually the first time that I have been longing for coral shades. I have always thought they are a bit boring and that I am too pale for them, but now I am looking for them thinking why not? They do look pretty.

Check me out is a coral pink polish from H&M. It is a cheap brand, I paid 39 kronor which is about 4 euros.

The polish is a creme pink polish with coral tones. It is highly pigpented and if the formula would be a bit better two layers would be enough. But I need three layers because the formula is a bit streaky and the surface becomes a bit uneven with just two layers. I also think that the formula is a bit too thick.

Well, it a nice color, but not anything I am jumping up and down for.
Not this time.

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