26 februari 2011

OPI In the spot-light pink

In the spot-light pink is the first polish I try from the Femme de cirque collection that I try. It looks very sweet in the bottle, a bright light pink.

But there is no sign of the pink on the nail. There it just makes the nails look naturally fresh. And that could be nice. But also a bit boring.

This is the kind of polish to wear on a job interview, it is safe. I could also choose this polish to wear on my toe nails. It would make them look fresh and I don't have to worry about  matching colors.

The formula though is really good. I sometimes find it really hard to get a good result when I paint with pastel pink. But this is very easy and I get a good result at once. On the photos I have two layers.

7 kommentarer:

  1. wow that is amazingly sheer. very glossy though!

  2. Vilket totalt meningslöst lack..!

  3. Anna, kan faktiskt hålla med dig lite.

  4. Jag tycker det är riktigt fint! Det ger ett rent intryck. Vilsamt för ögonen och det kan vara skönt emellanåt. Och ändå inte "naket".

  5. Awesome ! i love that kind of colors!
    P.S. You've gorgeous nails

  6. Is it a limited edition polish?