15 februari 2011

H&M Peppermint fusion

Today I am wearing another polish I found at H&M. It is a lovely light blue-lavender shimmer polish. Sometimes it looks light blue, sometimes lavender, sometimes you see the shimmer, sometimes there is a hint of pink. It is very beautiful. 

The formula is a bit thin but I still have control over it. I am also learning to master the cap on the bottle. With the first H&M polish I tried I thought it was a bit hard to hold, but now I am getting better at it. 
To get a full cover I need three layers. 

4 kommentarer:

  1. This indeed is very beautiful. Love the shimmer (which actually looks quite turquoise in the 2nd photo).

  2. pretty blue, looks a lot like china glaze secret periwinkle

  3. Jag köpte den senast jag var på H&M men har itne testat den ännu. Den ser fin ut på dig.

  4. Liene: The shimmer is really nice. And yes, i think there is a hint of turquoise there.

    Hermetic: I must check that china glaze color.

    Sminkan: Tack. Du kommer nog gilla den på dig också.